KRS Team 2018KRS Team 2018

Phuket Surfing Contest 2020!2020 SEPTEMBER 13-14-15

5 Divisions

1.Open Short Board – Man
2.Open Long Board – Man
3.Long Board – Woman
4 Beginner – Man&Woman
5 Grom Under Age 16
Registration Fees :400THB

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Kalim Reef Surfers in Phuket, Thailand

KRS is mainly a group of local Thai children who have shown interest in the sport and who have been given the chance to develop positive and encouraging friendships while learning the life lessons of friendly and respectful competition. The community based organization also helps young children stay away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol while teaching them how to respect marine life through beach clean ups.

Original Products

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KRS T-shirts 2018
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